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The three new features of Android 7.1.1


Right now only is another update less by produce is after yesterday outside released them OTA of Android 7.1.1, the penultimate of those four updates that have brought a good variety of solutions of bugs and small novelties to the system operating for mobile more installed of all the planet.

Google took their own blog to announce the most important three novelties of a 7.1.1 Android that, apart from incorporating them, brings solutions to bugs for the best system even in the performance. As he cries out the big G, the 7.1.1 incorporates more ways to express yourself and some of the features of the Pixel.

The first is associated with the emojis. Earlier this year, Google promised more equality in gender and representation of a wide range of professions for both male and female. Now will include the counterpart of representations that were only for men or women. This pack is now available to all those devices that have Android 7.1.1.


The second feature that arrives is the incorporation of GIFs directly from keypad sending in apps that offer support to it as Google Allo, Google Messenger and Hangouts. Not know if is will allow carry this API to the rest of keyboards of third that populates the Google Play Store, although not would be of wonder that is added in those SwiftKey and others.

App shortcuts

Finally, the 7.1.1 brings the app shortcuts or shortcuts from the home screen. With a pulsation prolonged, is can access from the own desktop to actions fast of different apps like Twitter or Google Maps. A good way of passing to the search in YouTube or launch a Tweet from Twitter.

If want to know more on the update Android 7.7.1 that comes to the Nexus, can pass you by here.

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