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The three new Google Pixel will have the Snapdragon 835

According to reports from GSMArena, in in the Android Open Source Project you could see again those who would be the new Google phones.

As we reported, they were seen for the first time in the same place with fish code names. Indicating different sizes and, probably, water resistance.

After one’s name was code Taimen, a rather larger than the other two fish, Walleye and Muskie. All lights indicating that would be three sizes or that one would be a tablet.

According to the information, and without much surprise, the AOSP saw with the latest processor from Qualcomm to date, the Snapdragon 835, he who carries Samsung Galaxy S8.

This would not be a surprise since last launch opted for which at that time was the top of line, Snapdragon 821 and which is still very current, being in the G6 LG, for example.

The latest information indicates that it would be manufactured again by HTC.

What are you waiting you the next pixel? In our case, that Google brings them officially to our region, or who at least know how to maintain decent stock markets offered.

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