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The XZ Xperia range of 2017 will welcome screen without side bezels

Makes some days you show an image that is had published in the network social Weibo in what saw a device of Sony without frames side and where the screen would cover both sides of the terminal, following the trend current of them manufacturers of telephony. After leaving aside the high range represented by the Z series, Sony has focused on releasing to the market device with a performance more adjusted, to reach a larger number of consumer and apparently went well. It played to the company.

As we can see in the image into leads this article and again leaked on Weibo, the XZ-next screen would occupy side-by-side the front of the device, leaving only top for sensors, camera and speaker and the bass part. Of time not is know them specifications of this new terminal that so good results you is offering to the company Japanese, that was punto de sell its division of telephony Mobile makes something more than one year, due to them poor results that you was offering, something similar to what happened with it division of portable, division that finally sold leaving of side the manufacturing of the famous range Vaio.

Samsung was the first manufacturer which was launched head offering terminals with a screen that covered the sides of the device, with the Samsung S6 Edge, a device that has inspired all current manufacturers who are opting for the same thing: remove the side frames of the device. But there are others, as Xiaomi with the my Mix that has dear carry more beyond the screen of the terminal, offering a model where virtually all the front of the same is screen, placing them sensors and the camera in the part of low of the same.

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