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These are the exclusive ones which reach PlayStation 4 in 2017

The exclusive are often one of the main reasons why users decide to do with consoles of some or other manufacturers. Supposedly the swelling of veins in PlayStation consoles has been able to due to the most exclusive that has in its catalogue, however, the quality of the same as may be most relevant you made sure it counts with many, com pass with the mythical “PT” which never occur is complete. Are going to take him a look to the list of exclusive that will arrive this year to the catalog of PlayStation 4 and that not you can lose.

He plays some of the titles stand out above others, it is inevitable. Carry almost all 2016 with the hype of great tourism Sport, which will be the new edition of this legendary set of driving and about which not is knows even all what would like to. Arrive another Uncharted course, Sony wants to continue squeezing the goose that lays the golden eggs. On the other hand, also called the 5-person care, Horizon Zero Dawn or Hellblade: Sacrifice Senua´s.

Watching the video, all in all, you commented that under here is the full list of what are exclusive video games that Sony is going to release for PlayStation 4, perhaps a few you are more interesting than others, but reality is that you except Gran Turismo Sport and Uncharted will find little commercial game major. That more noise made and therefore the more difficult of capture as “games exclusive”. We are going with the list:

• Hellblade: Senuah completo Sacrfice
• Drawn to Death
• NieR: Automat
• Gran Turismo Sport
• Farpoint
• Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
• Matterfall
• Gravity 2 Rush
• Wipeout: Omega Collection
• MLB: The Show 17
• New Everybody’s Golf
• Pyre
• 5 person
• Nioh
• World of Warriors
• Nex Machina
• Knack 2
• PaRappa the Rapper
• Starblood sand
• Horizon Zero Dawn

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