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This basis makes your Apple Watch a classic Macintosh 128K

Apple Watch would have passed the test of fire to position itself as a successful product sales. However, if something you can blame this smart watch is that it lacks a legendary design as the of the first models of Apple, made decades ago.

The base of rest Elago W3 comes to solve this in their own way, making any Apple Watch a classic Macintosh 128K extreme miniature. Elaborate in Silicon, to not damage the finish urinal of the clock, this platform of rest works equal as an alternative comfortable and fun to load the device during the night.

Thanks to the positioning of the attachment angle and interface of the night mode of the Apple Watch, with its text in green tones, toy can create the perfect illusion that it’s a Macintosh 128 K scale.


The truth is that this toy/accessory of USD $13.49 is nothing new, already the Elago people itching with their commercial distribution since last November, just in time for the holiday season.

But for some reason Elago W3 has acquired particular fame through the network during recent weeks, within the framework of the activities of the Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

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