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This is how it works and looks Netflix offline

After much waiting and craving, finally has landed before us Netflix offline mode, which lets you download your favorite content to your smartphone and enjoy where you are. In Betazeta towers we already started playing with the new update and we tell you how it works and details of the “small print” you should know.


For starters, it is mandatory to update the application on your smartphone or tablet, the ability to download only available on iOS and Android, not on web or other devices. ¬†With that fact you will notice not only of the welcome message, but also a new category in the menu called “available for download“. Outside of the obvious name, also you can notice you that not everything is possible to store, although the library to download is wide and covers more than just original productions of Netflix.


Upon entering a series with the ability to download, you’ll see a down arrow to the side of the play button, indicating that it is possible to download the chapter or movie itself. Then in the menu on the left side will be shown on your listing downloads. The speed with which it falls will depend on your connection and you warn in advance that the weights are not light.

Download an episode of a series, for example ‘Stranger Things’ (49 minutes), have a size 237 MB of space on the phone. A film, for example ‘the true story of a false killer’ (1 hour 38 minutes), takes 449 MB. In something more brief, an episode of ‘ Bob sponge ‘ (20 minutes, resolution standard) covers only 98 MB.

It must be said that the downloads look pretty good for viewing on a mobile device, which include audio in English and Spanish along with pertinent subtitles. That Yes, there is a big ‘but’ in all this that was officially communicated by Netflix: once download single episodes can be played within the next 48 hours since you downloaded the file, then it disappears the video and you’ll have to download it again. At least with that not will have that worry you of acquiring a huge card SD to store all that content.


The mode of download is similar to which uses Spotify, i.e. a method owner that is stores in the cache of the application, so although it try not can get the coveted mp4 to play in others sides.

That is roughly what you need to know to start your life in Netflix away from society, just be sure to return home in two days. As mentioned, not is necessary that should acquire a memory external to the mobile, unless intended pass them next 48 hours without sleep in a mountain watching series.

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