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This is the necessary technology for intelligent DARPA always blank bullet


Not is the first time that talk of DARPA in ActualidadGadget, to mode of reminder comment you that is the agency dedicated to the research and development again armament military for the army of United States. Same that there is after tens of projects that, despite promise that in certain mode will arrive to all them citizens, as is of wait and taking in has of where comes its financing, of get, will take much time.

One of the projects in which DARPA engineers have been working is specifically in creating self-directed bullets, a project that already presented their final prototype makes quite a few months and that, after all this time it seems to reach its final stretch. Entering a little more in detail, comment you that speak of a new generation of bullets smart capable of change of address, pursue to a target set and, above all, give in the white.

As safe will be thinking, thanks to this new type of bullet, literally the war, as it know, could change to always since, with this new type of bullet, DARPA is ensures that the military always got in the white while the shot is bad. As is has published, in the result obtained after the numerous tests made, both if the shooter is expert as if is rookie, the result always is the same.

As has declared Jerome Dunn, one of those responsible for the program:

This test of fire real with a rifle standard shows that ACCURATE is capable of hitting to a white in movement with extreme precision to a distance to which would be impossible with a rifle sniper conventional.

Russia also has announced that already has of this technology, although not be have shown evidence.

In the statements above is speaks of EXACT, this is the name of the program, specifically the acronym for Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordenance. If you like this type of projects, safe that will know that not is the first time that is develops a projectile automatic although if the first time that a bullet intelligent can be triggered with a gun of caliber 50. The difference between the previous and them bullets EXACT it found in that these not need be guided by a laser and not require of intervention human, indeed, as is has commented, could develop is a gun automatic that shoot of form autonomous.

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