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This is the range of the Samsung Galaxy from the first to the last

Have all the devices in a series as successful as the of the Samsung Galaxy together, not everyday you can see. This time we can see is the advancement of these devices from Samsung with the passing of the years and the successful which is still this saga “Galaxy” for a company that manufactures a handful of mobile devices, home appliances and other gadgets. The important thing here is to see the changes that have been implemented with the passage of time and the quality of the materials used in smartphones, both now as when they used 8 years ago

So today we leave the comparative video made by the well-known Youtube de el canal EverythingApplePro, in which you can see the passage of the years in a really good range for Samsung and users. This is Samsung Galaxy series from its first device until the last model presented:

The video is really good for everyone but especially for those young people who can clearly see the advances in technology. It is true that the time passes quickly and if we look back we are aware of the enormous changes that have taken place, but it is that changes between the first of the Galaxy and these newly presented Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, are spectacular look at it by where look it. If we compare speeds, cameras, sizes and others, we realize how much that is advanced in this sector of smartphones every year and not stop thinking how they will be within a few more years.

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