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This would be the design of the new LG G6

The year 2016 it is coming to an end and all manufacturers of mobile devices already look to 2017 as the year in which again their ships insignia will launch with those who try to be the dominators. An of them companies that wants to give you shelve as soon as possible to this year is LG, that not got succeed with your LG G5, despite what had all or almost all to do it.

The company South Korean already works of form intense in the LG G6, of which is has filtered in them last hours your design, and that could get to the market very soon, for attempting to advance is to all them releases of the company, especially to the of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The design of the new LG flagship will be very similar to the of the G5 LG, although it is still unknown if it will still be modular or whether it will be a terminal without possibility of interchanging modules in which in addition can not even remove the battery. Seeing them bad results of sales that has had the LG G5, is of imagine that the company South Korean discard the idea of those modules.

Apparently the image filtered with G6 LG planes, we see it will be release a little more than its predecessor and possibly also something thinner. Then I show her image filtered;


In what is refers to the features and specifications, of time know very little information, although already is rumored that could have a terminal with a screen of 5.5 inches with resolution QHD, a processor Snapdragon 821 or 830 and with 6 GB of RAM. The camera will be dual style which mounted LG V20.

With think that us will surprise LG in your next LG G6?.

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