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Twitter already us allows you to see the number of people that respond to those tweets


The guys at Twitter are adding new features, functions that want to attract a greater number of users to be able to trace flight and ceasing to be a platform only oriented to a few users. Jack Dorsey, one of the creators of the service, returned to the platform the year last for treat of convert it platform is an alternative for all those users that want be informed in all time of them latest news, trends and others. The last new feature that is now available on Twitter is the ability to view the number of users who have responded to a particular tweet.


Thus the most active users on the social network will know quickly and at a glance that tweets have been more successful among his followers or those who have generated more movement. This function not is new to level internal in the company, since until the time was an of them reasons that used the platform to power computer them tweets in our timeline, a controversial form of order our timeline that not made much grace to them users but that fortunately is can reverse.

This information is displayed in the part lower of them tweets next to the typical icon to respond. This number only the number of answers from tweet in particular, not the number of responses from the whole conversation. Of time this new function not is available in all them countries but gradually is is expanding, by what is likely that within some days or perhaps hours, already can enjoy of this new function, function that for them users more intensive can be of much utility.

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