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Update Facebook Messenger and you can enable Instant Video, floating video calls on the chat

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Facebook has taken enough criticism with his movement on WhatsApp that has obtained the phone numbers for that local businesses and companies can get in touch with any through this messaging app. A debate has arisen, since WhatsApp said, when it was acquired, that would be faithful to its premises to its users.

But like this not to, Facebook has now launched Instant Video to Facebook Messenger, a feature for video calling which will now appear in a floating about the chat window while you are sending text to your contacts through this app messaging that recently passed the 1,000 million users.

The video can be started by clicking on the camera icon that is located next to the voice call on the top right of the screen; just here was what was a normal video call. A floating window which will be located on the chat as happens with floating bubbles of the talks appears at that time. This feature is what you want you can continue chatting but with the video there submit to see your contact.

Instant Video

To make it fully functional this feature so that flame as he who receives the video call must have updated Facebook Messenger to the latest version, if this is not so will not be possible. So, if you try to launch this feature, tell your contact that passes through the Google Play Store so you update to the new version. A it should be already present from the apps and games Google shop.

In this way, Facebook is approaching more to what is Snapchat as an app that has the video as one of the means to go to the public and those best connections that are more suitable for this type of content.

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