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Users reported failures of mobile operators after Quake

Ironically, shortly after the signing of the Treaty “We matter Chile” from operators, where they committed themselves to have better responses in the event of disasters, yesterday the telecommunications in the regions affected by the strong tremor were affected.

Yesterday, Deputy Minister of telecommunications to be consulted by the press regarding the collapse of the network, said:

Networks collapse by large number of memes, videos and information (cooperative)

In regards to mobile operators, we consult one by one his assessment of the situation of yesterday, given that a huge number of users we have reported by social networking falls service for up to a couple of hours in Entel to almost nothing in WOM, but all with some type of problem in V and metropolitan regions.

The company that has led the portability in the last month, clearing, gave us its balance sheet:

In clear Chile our assessment is very positive. From the technical point of view, practically all our sites adequately resist, and those who were in areas with power outages continued to function thanks to the support of batteries and electric generating equipment that have. Our contingency plans ranging from the operation of technical equipment, review of the State of our human resources, communication to customers through different channels of contact and social networks were quickly activated.

There was, as usual, a small amount of congestion because what still not are privileged massively using sms and social networks to communicate with its close, but was limited.

Moreover, WOM, through its head of communications and sustainability, Andrea Osorio, tells us that:

During and after the earthquake, our network in the entire central of the country, and especially in the Fifth Region, resisted very good way, because we have worked to deploy a robust network to deliver a quality service to our customers, even in emergency situations.

In addition, and according to information collected by the users, in particular points which presented a problem or power cut, it is quickly solved since we have networks of support with our roaming partners.

For our part, the response of our network assessment, is very positive.

It should be recalled that in few parts of the world communications are not affected with this kind of events, which is why companies, next to SUBTEL, want to initiate campaigns to raise awareness of the use of social networks rather than voice calls and SMS.

We are waiting for the versions of the other operators to extend the information, while can you tell us what was your mobile moments and hours after the quake in the comments event.

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