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Volume Scheduler allows you to set the levels of volume according to the time

Volume Scheduler

Tasker is an more useful apps that Android can be. Thanks to its automation, allows for all kinds of tasks so our smartphone we have you need at certain times of the day. The only thing that happens that you may need a bit of time and wisdom to achieve some conspicuous actions.

If we don’t want to waste our time on Tasker, can qualify for Volume Scheduler to put a time schedule on the day, so that at certain times the volume will automatically adjust your smartphone. This will help us to avoid sounding in these important meetings or wake us up a notification at naptime.

This app is also available from XDA Forums in which the developer has released an entry so that you can even advise certain aspects that could very well come you to the app.

Volume Scheduler is characterized by being quite easy to use and that will automatically change the volume of the tone of your phone call from low to high and vice versa. You may only enter the time and volume levels so that you have everything ready and are not behind your phone to put it in silence, or turn up the volume so not to miss that important call from a client.

It serves a clear and attractive interface that works perfectly without any lack of performance. And I said, if you used Tasker to perform this simple function, Volume Scheduler is perfectly that you can use for this reason.

You have it in a manner free from the Google Play Store and for €0.79 you can use some of its features, but you have everything you need to manage that volume of calls or silence irritating tone at times from the free option.

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