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WhatsApp for iOS is updated again today


For some time that WhatsApp updates are constant and while it is true that not all these updates bring great improvements in the implementation of messaging par excellence, be updates that are necessary for the proper functioning of the app. In this case what seems to provide this update to users of iOS is little or nothing if you look in the section showing the details of the update, and is that no changes appear to regard the previous version, at least in the text.

This is what we explain in the application for the version 2.16.18 which is the lastguest reviews:

  • Introducing video calling WhatsApp. With free video calls, now you can talk face-to-face with your friends and family around the world. There may be charges for the use of the data service. (Requires iOS 8 or later)
  • You are looking for the perfect animated GIF, directly from WhatsApp. Press (+) and choose spool. The option to search GIFs is located in the bottom left.

Really changes there in the text regarding the previous version which is 2.16.17, so we can deduce that the added changes are rather few or none regarding the functionality of the app. While this is the case, these updates are something that tend to make important application developers to occasionally clean guest reviews the application in online stores, but we do not believe that this is the case. In any case, the application is updated today and if changes large or prominent in it appear we will share it with all of you in this article.

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