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Wingman, a dating app where your friends choose for you

I remember a time I used Tinder and always my friends had fun playing with my profile, they did match with those who they believed were most suitable for me. Sometimes, they also made one that another joke linking me with guys who really I would have ever chosen.

But what looked like a game now is a reality. The English Tina Wilson came forward and created “Wingman App” that just invites single friends to create a profile for him or her and after a simple verification can begin to promote it with possible partners that are in the app.

The friends involved become wingman or wingwoman. I think that if you trust your friends or friends can be quite handy. But if it is not, a serious danger.

The creator of the application said in interview with Mashable that after a break spent time unmarried, while in his group of friends most was couple and eager to help you meet your other half. They recommended dating sites and although she resisted he could not help to know this world.

So that if you are very shy or your friend @ solter @ this is is an interesting alternative. You could be the or the best celestino of the world.


How is it used?

The wingman or wingwoman should enter Wingman App with your Facebookprofile. Then create a profile for your amig @, singles that you would like you can create profiles for various amig@s will bind. And each protagonist at the same time can have different wingpeople.

Bachelor must verify the profile before you begin. And you can see everything that you say about him or her, so watch out for the comments.

This appp extracts information from your Facebook account.

It will depend always friend decide if the person concerned is worth or not. In addition, there is information in a table that displays scores of what wingman or wingwoman is doing a better job.

The app at present only available for iOS.


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