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Acer TravelMate Spin B1 is the perfect choice for students

Acer continues to provide technology to the possible tighter price. Within its range of laptops we found many that are clearly focused students, or users who are not willing to pay a high price for a device because their needs are supplemented with fewer requirements. In this way, Acer shows us the Travel Mate Spin B1, the perfect choice for students. Let’s look a little more closely what is what makes this laptop an alternative highly interesting for students and users who will basically meet office automation tasks and requiring little processing power.

How could it be otherwise, this versatile device has nothing less than a waterproof keyboard, 33 ml of water it would be able to endure, a can of soda coincidence-exact size ? This device is also convertible, with a touch screen, and is that the market is being widely covered by this type of notebook to give both for use at the office level, as to consume content in a nice way and in a short space. Acer knows this very well, that presents this fantastic computer that will arrive during the second half of the year 2017.

They have not spoken of specifications, only that it will offer 13 hours of autonomy, will feature Windows 10 and their price is really affordable. However, one of its main features is its chassis and resistance, by this we mean that the laptop does not have sensitive parts on the outside, what we might call a “portable cañero”. There will be a screen that will range between 11 and 13 inches, and can select both a touch version and a traditional screen. We will closely follow this device to keep you informed of all the developments, especially of face to the month of August.

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