Thursday , August 25 2016

SwiftKey returns the prediction of post and numbers phone to users


A few weeks ago we talked about the problem with timing predictions of SwiftKey, which showed particular words of some users to others, as well as e-mails and phone numbers. This led to the deactivation of the dirsync server until the fault was repaired. Recently, SwiftKey regained service predictions, albeit …

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The first image of the Sony Xperia X Compact filters


When Sony introduced its new line of Xperia X, as medley of the traditional Xperia Z line, rose a great expectation because of variations between terminals. Then, with the market introduction of the reception among users has been somewhat uncertain, where all seem to agree that there are large areas …

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Xiaomi presents its new Redmi Note 4


As expected, Xiaomi announced its new phone: Redmi Note 4. It’s a terminal 5.5 inch which includes sensor tracks, 13 and 5 megapixel camera battery 4100 mAh and resolution Full HD (1920 X 1080 pixels). Your processor is the helium X 20 of MediaTek with 10 cores to 2.1 GHz …

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OpenStreetMap launches its own version of StreetView


An of the alternative more known to services as Google Maps and Bing Maps just of launch their own vision of StreetView, a feature that us allows display them streets from our computer. Such as OpenStreetMap, the project is collaborative and is seeks that the people participate to expand the …

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WhatsApp will begin to share data from its users with Facebook


When Facebook WhatsApp acquired a couple of years ago we knew that it was only a matter of time until the application to join this monetization platform based on the collection of data, patterns and preferences for the distribution of advertising. That day it has come, and is proble generated …

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