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Apple Pay and Ticket Restaurant, a perfect combination for the employee

Apple Pay came to Spain in December with the intention of revolutionizing the mobile payments market, however, not everything was going to stay in credit cards, NFC technology could go much further and has been.

For who does not know it, Ticket Restaurant is the alternative choice for corporations seeking to satisfy its employees by providing them with a means of payment that allows them to go to major settlements of restoration to eat the day’s work. We are going to talk to you about this alternative to iOS devices that is revolutionizing the way in which we pay our meals.

Endered is the company responsible for this range of products to cover the costs of maintenance of employees, whether in format paper with the checkbook of Ticket Restaurant, format card with its own chip, and now with the opportunity to leverage the capabilities of Apple Pay, the service of storage cards and mobile payments that Apple makes available to all users who have an Apple Watch an iPad or an iPhone. In this way, Endered Ticket Restaurant as the only voucher for food that allows payment via mobile positions.

Simplicity and tax benefits that can be hardly achieved with another method of meal vouchers for employees, saving more than one headache for ticket Restaurant gives the entrepreneur. In Spain, this payment method has more than 360 employees who use it daily, so it is positioned to lead in this area. Certainly, together with the collaboration of Banco Santander, Carrefour Pass and American Express, only financial institutions that can enjoy the Cupertino company mobile payment platform.

How to use Ticket Restaurant with Apple Pay

The procedure to add our card from Ticket Restaurant is as simple and quick to include any other type of card to our account of Apple Pay. First of all we must bear in mind that will be stored in our iPhone application “Wallet”, we will only have to open it and click on the button “Add card” which is located in the top right of the home screen.

Then we will give the possibility to manually enter the card details, or we can choose to take a screenshot with the iPhone’s camera. Once you have completed these steps, we will receive in our email account linked to the Apple ID an email from linkage of Ticket Restaurant card. We will now enter the Wallet application to confirm the code and Ticket Restaurant is already available in Apple Pay.

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