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AT & T will 4G connection in the magical town of San Miguel de Allende

Them boys of AT & T Mexico comply with its promise made makes more than one year, in where claimed that would expand its network 4 G LTE for give it greater coverage possible, including regions where their previous operators not had arrived before. The more recent example of this is San Miguel de Allende.

In accordance with a report of the daily the Economist, the company just of sign an agreement of cooperation with them authorities of San Miguel of beyond to provide connectivity 4 G LTE in them main places public of this people magic, considered by the UNESCO as heritage cultural of the humanity.

Cristina Ruiz of Velasco, Director Executive of affairs external of AT & T revealed to the daily that the plan of coverage agreed contemplates enable to them parks and squares public more representative of the city with free to internet Wi-Fi, driven by the technology 4 G LTE of the operator.

With this movement, it is estimated that the 172.00 inhabitants of San Miguel de Allende will benefit from either directly or indirectly, since you are using free or driven to see their commercial, educational, cultural and tourist activities for the benefits of this Alliance.

San Miguel de Allende annually receives more than one million and a half visitors, so that 4G AT & T connection will help ultimately to better maintain releases all.

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