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Duolingo Clubs allows you to learn languages in Group

There is no doubt that globalization has positioned itself as one of the best options to learn languages from the mobile. Today its creators have released Clubs of globalization, a new option in which you can create groups for study in set.

Clubs allows you to create or join clubs of friends who are learning a language. To do this simply select it in the main menu, choose the name and shield to identify itself. Then there will be a code that you can send to your friends to invite them to the Club.

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The Group shall keep a record of daily activities and members can send comments and reactions. The aim of this new functionality is to stay motivated. According to Luis von Ahn, CEO of globalization:

One of the hardest things to learn a language is to stay motivated. We believe that clubs meet friends and family around a common goal that will help them achieve their goals faster

Leveraging that 2017 is about to begin and many include the languages as part of their purposes, it is not more take a look at this new option.

The clubs will be available in the latest version of globalization for iOS and Android.

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