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Germany banned Facebook to collect data from WhatsApp

A month that Facebook revealed that it has begun to receive data from users of WhatsApp to fine-tune its marketing and monetization platform, emerged after the first nation who has objected to this measure, which can be a little intrusive for any individual who possesses both services completely.

According to a report by the New York Times, Johannes Caspar, Hamburg data protection Commissioner, belonging to the regulatory body in the field of information for the nation, has instructed the people of Facebook the cessation of activities, the dynamics of use data obtained from the users of WhatsApp.

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The intervention has arrived to such degree that already is you has ordered to Facebook that delete all them records obtained and stored on them more than 35 million of people that used WhatsApp inside the country. Thanks to the legal framework that exists in Germany, this provision should be enforced immediately.

Caspar, in its statement official on this lock, ensures that from the acquisition of WhatsApp from Facebook, both companies always had asserted that would keep them data of both entities separate, in respect to the privacy of its users, but that now are breaking with it promised.

More beyond of any lack of Word, this made would represent a violation to the law national of protection of data existing in Germany, by what Facebook not would have more alternative that abide by the order.

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