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Google would eliminate by complete the brand Nexus

From ago months circulates the rumor of that Google is preparing a new smartphone of range high that will be marketed directly under the brand and logo of the company. Similar to what Apple does with the iPhone. Now comes a new and aggressive report that anticipates the future death of the line Nexus.

Them friends of Android Central have been them responsible of reveal this controversial filtration without confirm, in where is ensures that Google will disappear by full it brand Nexus and the dynamic of share the authorship of models with other manufacturers.

So that the hitherto known as Nexus Sailfish, developed jointly by HTC, will not be the logo of the Asian anywhere, manufacturer and even would no longer have even the name of Nexus. It only safe would be that it marks of Google will be shown in the part rear of the terminal.

The report also ensures that the new smartphone low the marks of Google would have with a version special and unique of Android, with some functions exclusive that only would be available in said model. Loading the scale against other companies that use the same software base.

It is known that Samsung and Huawei are already thinking to develop a non-Android operating system, and this report only fed those rumors of an impending fracture in the most popular mobile platform today.

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