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It seems to be confirmed 7 iPhone will come with adapter lightning Jack, in addition to EarPods attached lightning


Since a few months ago started to circulate the first rumors about the possibility of Apple to eliminate completely the 3.5 mm jack connection, much has been written and speculated on the subject. There are many users who have expressed their unease in this regard since they would be forced to have to buy a new headset, users who already have headphones quality, to be able to continue enjoying your favorite music.

It seems that on this occasion the Cupertino-based company it did not want goats to his followers, something usual in the company when it wants to impose a new way of doing things, anger that eventually evaporates and all the users we got used by resignation mainly. Finally, it seems that with the Elimination of the 3.5 mm jack Apple will include a lightning Jack adapter to be able to continue using the headphones we had.


According to has missed again OnLeaks, can see as in the specifications of the content of the box of the model iPhone 7 Plus of 256 GB (also is confirms this space of storage) will find ones EarPods with connection lightning (another of them news forced by the disappearance of the jack for headphones) but also it company with headquarters in Cupertino offers an adapter of lightning to jack , an option that had been rumored in the event that the company shall not deliver any type of headphones along with the new model of iPhone.

After confirm the disappearance of the connection lightning and that this connection is use for listen music through them headphones, is raises the problem of as are going to to load the device to hear music. Will offer Apple a system of load by induction? or would will try to of sell us a hub for to connect the charger and the headphones of form joint? Until the next 7 of September not depart of doubts.

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