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Japanese is arrested for selling iPhones with jailbreak

Although you not it creates, still there are people that like of apply you the jailbreak to their iPhones, and by incredible that may seem, there are others that take advantage of this mischief. A muchachin of Tokyo thought that it could live to sell iPhones with jailbreak and it did for a year.

According to NHK (via The Register), Daisuke Ikeda – an inhabitant of Toyama City – he was arrested for selling five phones with jailbreak in a period of two months. Daisuke obtained profits by a total of USD $1186 and accepted that sold more than 200 phones “hacked” throughout a year. Japanese police say that the defendant obtained more than US $50,000 per hack Apple devices.

As additional information, this is the first arrest related to jailbreak which takes place in Japan. Daisuke was accused of selling phones with copies Pirates of the game Monster Strike, one of the titles more popular of the country of the sun rising.

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