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Leaked images of the my Xiaomi 5s and my 5s Plus

A few days of official disclosure, my 5s Xiaomi and Mi5s Plus have been leaked at multiple sites. The new phones of Xiaomi photographs show its design, including the dual camera that has become a fashion in the mobile devices industry.

The complete gallery, reported by PhoneArena, shows some important features. For example, there is a picture that shows the function 3D Touch (or Force Touch) screen, while others capture (with very bad quality) the front of the phone and the design of the box.


mi5s_06 mi5s_02

Another important detail is the presence of an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The new sensor is based on the technology Sense ID Snapdragon from Qualcomm, which is located under the screen of the new phone.

mi5s_03Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and the new 3D Touch functionality

Xiaomi plans to reveal their new phones my 5s and my 5s Plus on September 27. Wait for the detailed report of the upcoming devices from Chinese manufacturer, both technical capabilities and new options that will take the MIUI custom layer.

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