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Lenovo will not launch Windows 10 Mobile terminals

Windows 10 Mobile

Despite all the effort that Microsoft has made Windows 10 mobile, it seems that manufacturers still do not see with good eyes that this operating system can become a real threat to the current Kings of the mobile landscape: iOS and Android. He manufacturer of notebooks and smartphones Lenovo just of announce that leaves by full to Windows 10 Mobile and that not has thinking in a future close return to launch a terminal with this system operating. This announcement contrasts with statements of friendship that both companies have made in the past and which show that the relationship between the two companies is excellent.

According to the Chinese manufacturer has made these statements after seeing the lack of success that has had the latest model that has launched into the market makes a few months, SoftBank 503 LV, a terminal with a relationship quality excellent price, but that has failed to convince those users that have renovated the terminal in recent months. But the fault is not Lenovo only, Microsoft is doing absolutely nothing to promote joint ecosystem that has created and which can be very beneficial especially in the workplace. It seems that Microsoft only bothers to launch ads to promote its range of portable Surface leaving completely side-the mobile division.

According to Lenovo, they do not see the need to launch a terminal Windows Mobile 10 longer than is not really convinced the Redmond-based company to continue to deliver support for your phone in the future. A somewhat absurd excuse to try to say that they are not sold at all and you want to stop spending money by manufacturing a terminal that has no output on the market. We could take this news with some relief to know that the Chinese company will not include malware and spyware on their mobile devices as if has been doing in recent years in some of its most representative models, a controversy that left in a very bad place to this company

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