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Microsoft will launch portable by 189 dollars to compete with the Chromebooks

A few years ago that computer science and technology was made a hole in the American educational system. Almost since launch of the first iPad, many were schools that saw this device as an ideal tool to help students in every day. But over time, the price of them began to make is and Google launched the first portable with ChromeOS, a lightweight operating system, which requires very simple to operate facilities, all at a price lower than the iPad. With the passage of the years, the Chromebooks have become the most widely used in American schools platform, but this could change soon.

Currently ChromeOS is the second most widely used in the United States operating systembehind Windows and ahead of macOS. Microsoft wants to stick the head in this lucrative sector launching laptops for $189, portable with a performance more than enough to meet the needs of students who currently use Chromebooks. According to Microsoft the schools increasingly need more power, security and performance, at the same price as the Chromebooks, power that they do not get to those devices.

Hence, in an attempt to altruistic, the company wants to bring the latest technology to the largest possible number of users access, offering equipment with 10 Windows that will help them learn and get more achievements.  The same manufacturers that are committed by Chromebook (HP, Lenovo, Acer…), they will also bet by this type of economic computers to the education sector, computers which will have a maximum of 189 dollars, but also cost can find more complete devices for a little more than price.

These notebooks will be managed by 2 or 4 GB of RAM and will be managed by Celeron processors with storage expandable using microSD card, a 12-inch display and some models will also be compatible optical pencils to take notes directly on the device which in addition will have a rotating screen so that the keyboard is not one annoying when used for this purpose.

But the guys at Microsoft have also planned to launch a platform similar to that currently offered by Google in their devices intended for the educational environment platform that allows you to have all momemuch controlled students, reviewing and monitoring distance the work, exams and other teachers can order them. This platform called Microsoft Intune for education, will allow teachers to manage both academic work and devices at the time of install or manage applications.

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