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New details of Daydream, the Virtual reality of Google

When Daydream was presented initially, many details were not given. That changes today, in the event #madebygoogle where was the viewer’s Daydream that according to Google, resolves some problems that they detected in current viewers.

Of split, the viewer of Daydream is made of materials more friendly and at least in the photos is sees more comfortable and elegant because if goes to be something that is used in the head, not has why be ugly. The control also is quite minimalist and small, with just a button and a sensor touch, and are can save within the same Viewer.

Daydream 02

Google ensure that the device will be very comfortable for those who wear glasses.

With regard to the content, is presented things that to great features not escape much of what already there is in them systems of reality Virtual in phones: games, applications and content multimedia in general. The important thing is the price: the viewer will cost the modest sum of USD $79 and will be compatible with all the models which are compatible with Daydream.

Daydream 03

Google now does seem to be one step closer to democratize Virtual reality.

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