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New Google phones will be the Pixel and Pixel XL


Google finally has decided to get rid of the Nexus brand to complete product line Pixel with smartphones manufactured by HTC, that we have known for Marlin and Mailfish, so finally they are Pixel and the Pixel XL.

The Pixel will be the Sailfish device of 5 inches while the Pixel XL will be 5.5 inch Marlin. Two smartphones that will be presented on October 4 as well as Google Home, VR DayDream Viewer and Chromecast 4 k. This news comes from a reliable source and you can add that arrived two days ago in which mentioned that Google will place the Nexus brand.

We will be to see if HTC has been capable of manufacturing two terminals that will on par to that image “Premium” that the Pixel brand has been associated. Nor is it credible that brand Pixel, from the perspective of Google, has always been seen as the best of the best, so is that desired a Google brand for a few phones that would be a premium to all.

Neither helps the Sailfish has a style close to the A9 well, so we could understand why these two phones have been in Pixel and have not placed them to start something larger with what would have been the own phones with the Google brand. Anyway, it is said that Google plans to advertise the Pixel and the Pixel XL as the first phones created by Google.

Although here we can stay a little surprised, that these two phones only thing left them so that they are not HTC is does not appear the logo, otherwise it looks clearly that has been manufactured by the Taiwanese brand. What can that say that Nexus is going to happen to better lifebrand.

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