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Nexus 5 X is useless due to failure on upgrade to Android 7.1.1

Those owners of a Nexus 5 X shall refrain from installing the latest update OTA from your operating system, as apparently it could turn its high-end smartphone into a costly and useless paperweight.

According to a report of Consumerist, different owners of a Nexus 5 X have begun to experience an endless loop of reboots on their devices after installing the update to Android 7.1.1, where the terminal stays on and off until fully deplete the battery.

Worst of all is that this deadly cycle is just the beginning of the nightmare, since, according to recount various affected in the published article and other public forums, all smartphones with this problem have had to be sent directly to LG technicians, to review the problem, forcing those affected whole weeks without access to your smartphone.

In all cases shared LG ends up ruling that the telephone is impossible to repair, so begin the bureaucratic process to send a replacement unit, in case that all warranty papers are in order, extending over the period of abstinence mobile.

Them cases would take between three weeks and a month to receive the substitute, and all points to is is of a case is presented each time more.

The recommendation for now is to not install the update to Android 7.1.1.

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