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Nokia 3310, the return of a classic which boasts battery and price


Nokia event within the framework of the Mobile World Congress was one of the most anticipated by almost everyone, not only for the official presentation of the new devices of the company of Finnish origin, among which we would find a real high-end Android, but above all by the expected return of the Nokia 3310, one of the most successful mobile in history.

The Nokia 3310 updated and improved is already official and that yesterday Nokia presented it in an official way, largely renewing your design, and also updating the hardware inside, but not to the level that many expected.

Nokia 3310, a classic that is back

Not too many years ago the Nokia 3310 became one of the best-selling mobile devices on the market, and without a doubt one of the most popular among users around the world. Classic or vintage is in fashion, and the Finnish company has tried to take advantage of this by launching an updated version of one of their best mobile.

This new Nokia 3310 offers a color screen, with interchangeable shells and a battery that will allow us to use it for a lot of days, thanks among other things to the few options that it offers us since no account with the Android operating system, depriving us of the possibility of installing applications on the device.

While it doesn’t offer us great options, this new terminal of Nokia can be a great option for those who want a mobile phone to call and send text messages, and forgetting of being permanent located and connected to the network of networks.

Features and specifications of the Nokia 3310

Then we are going to do a review of the main features and specifications of the new and expected Nokia 3310;

  • Dimensions: 133 x 48 x 14 mm
  • 2.4-inch color screen
  • Numerical and physical keyboard
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • With a capacity of 1200 mAh battery
  • Operating system: Nokia Series 30 +
  • Standard colours: blue and black/grey
  • Interchangeable color shells
  • Other: FM Radio, 2G…

As they show us the specifications of the Nokia 3310, it is clear that we are not before a mobile device use it someone who is accustomed to a smartphone as a single terminal. However, as already said before that can be a perfect fit for someone who wants to have a second terminal that lead for example to specific places or for use as a second line.

It can also be perfect for all those users that once we had the original Nokia 3310 and want to remember old times.

Of course there are the snake game


Nokia 3310 was characterized by a lot of things, but one of its hallmarks was the play of the snake which came installed natively on the device. All or almost all have played that game, be it in our mobile device or our friend, which was the quitabamos to play a small game.

In this renovated Nokia 3310 will not miss this game, which surely will take hours and hours playing, although that yes I already warned that it will not be exactly identical to the original, and is for example we’ll see the snake by color, something that was not the case in the original game.

Price and availability

While the Nokia 3310 already is official, the company Finnish not announced a date for the arrival to the market, limiting is to tell that can acquire it in the next months. That Yes, it wanted to announce its official price, which will be very interesting, and is that in order to enjoy this return to the past, we will have to pay 49 euros.

The launch, as soon as it occurs, will take place around the world and all the rumors suggest that we can buy it in a free manner in any technology store specialized e even at Amazon and other online stores.

Are you already like me willing to that the Nokia 3310 is available in the market in order to acquire it and start enjoying it?. Let us know in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present, and also let us know if you’ve already paragraph 49 euros to buy the new Nokia device.

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