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NVIDIA Xavier, this is the bet of the giant for the autonomous car of the future


To day of today safe that in NVIDIA still remember how his lack of interest and of response them left literally out of the segment of them devices mobile, something that still surely not is forgive and that them leads to bet literally by any other type of market where can be present, have more or less future. Thanks to this we can today speak of such interesting projects as that finally ended with the presentation of NVIDIA Xavier, a specially designed device to be integrated into all kinds of autonomous vehicles.

Entering a little more in detail, as announced from the giant, NVIDIA Xavier is a SoC endowed with an inner GPU based on Volta architecture. If this not you seems sufficiently interesting, in its design is has included nothing less that a CPU octa-core that will help to accelerate throughout the process of recognition visual of the environment in a vehicle autonomous. According to NVIDIA, its new supercomputer for autonomous vehicles is able to achieve 20 TOPS with a consumption of only 20W.

NVIDIA Xavier, a supercomputador specially designed for those vehicles autonomous of the future.

Without place to doubts a SoC with which dominate them to all since a time arrives to the market, speak of the fourth quarter of 2017, is will present as a true alternative much more powerful and above all efficient to all them SoCs that currently exist in the market and is used for this type of projects. As detail end, comment you that to create this product, in NVIDIA have employee a process FinFET lithographic of 16 nm, enough to introduce nothing less that 7,000 billion of transistors in NVIDIA Xavier.

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