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Plex Cloud, your files available anywhere in the world using Amazon Drive

Plex CloudKnow Plex? Explained in simple and fast way, with Plex can access videos stored on your computer (or an acquaintance) or NAS from anywhere in the world. Personally, always have thought that is a handicap that the server have that be a team own, since this can do that them videos is cut and makes lack that that team is always on, but their developers already have in mind a solution that comes under the name of Plex Cloud.

But, what is Plex Cloud? It’s a service, currently in beta, that allows you to do something similar to what we have done so far with Plex, but eliminating the handicap that mentioned above, i.e., our content already not depend on a computer or NAS that makes server. The server will be hosted on its own cloud, but you will need an account on Amazon Drive (70€ / year) to store our media files.

What offers Plex Cloud?

  • Plex in 60 seconds. Already we won’t need our own computer as a server.
  • Storage with peace of mind. Amazon is who will have to worry about problems like cuts power, corrupt files and data loss.
  • Unlimited storage, radical performance. Can add all the files that want to Amazon Drive and see the content in any part of the world, without worry about us by the ability of our own team.
  • Saving of money. As we will not have to buy hardware to store our library of Plex, we will save a few Euros.

Plex Cloud, our library Plex arrives to the cloud

From yesterday same, Plex Cloud is available for a number limited of users subscribed to Plex Pass (4.99€ / month or 39.99€ / year) that want to participate in the program of betas to which only is you can access with invitation. If you want to know how it would come out a year, if we hire Plex Pass using the annual offer, we would be paying little more than €9 per year. If you are interested, have to register you in this web.

Although can seem a price high, as all in the life will depend of the use that make of Plex Cloud. On the other hand, if it happens that you are already subscribed to Plex Pass and Amazon Drive, your own cloud Plex Cloud you would be free, so why not try?

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