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Samsung announces a new version of the VR Gear #MWC2017

Without a doubt, virtual reality is the trend that today all eyes of the technology industry, is taking and is outside of the multiple problems that today take place in the world on this issue, projections of what may be able to do with these devices are giants. In this context is that Samsung launched today a new version of the VR Gear, which comes with many features that promise to improve our experience in the field of augmented reality, starting with a remote control, as a complement.

The remote control is designed such that it is able to deal with one hand, all this thanks to its ergonomic design, which also collaborates in responding to the movements of the arm and head. The appliance has several controls of movement, to improve and streamline the process of immersion into the user experience, either by the same physical interface, or customizable touchpad that it possesses.

In the same town, it has 42 mm lenses, offering a near-field of vision than 101 ° with correction of distortions. Last prevents anyone using the VR Gear maree with movement, or outright miss certain details that may be important in the game that is playing.

The new version of the helmet is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge + S6, S7 and S7 Edge, so there would be no reason to not change our old device by an improved edition of the same.

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