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Samsung would produce 12 million Galaxy S8 in the first two months

Less than 24 hours ago is revealed unofficially the final appearance of the Galaxy S8. It is little to discover from the terminal, and the reality is that it seems to be at the height of the expectations of all, and Samsung would be aware of this, so plan to sell enough terminals during the first two months.

According to a report by Naver, Samsung would have prepared a phased timetable for production, where between March and April 2017 plans to produce more than 12 million units. 4.7 during the first month, and 7.8 million for the second.

The Assembly lines have already started this week, concentrating the greater part of the production at the plant of the company located in Viet Nam.

The speculation is that the top priority of the company at this time is the availability of the basics of this new generation model, since there are no reports on the production of the Galaxy S8 Plus.

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