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Some American universities forced to disable the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro in exams

Touch Bar del MacBook Pro

The launch of the new MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar is giving much talking since it was on sale, not only because the problem of performance and limitation when it comes to expand them, but now adds a new controversy, this time is not related to Apple, at least directly. Many are them universities that of face to them exams that begin in February have sent a circular to all them students informing them of that if van to to make use of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, this panel touch should be off or of it contrary not may access to the room where is performed them exams.

Touch Bar offers different options according to the context in which we find ourselves, be it in Photoshop, Final Cut, Word… This panel could be used so that depending on the questions of the test, which is carried out through an application of the company ExamSoft, suggest the correct answers creating a small application. Not is the first time that have seen with the Touch Bar is uses for to enjoy of the Doom, of them Lemmings, of Pacman… by what we know largely of what is capable.

In the same circular, universities offer a small tutorial showing how it can disable the Touch Bar to gain access to the tests. But also, a technical of the company, will review all the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to ensure is that this panel touch OLED is is off.

The official explanation of the universities to ban the use of this model in particular in tests, is that shows incompatibilities with software to perform tests, something that will solve quickly updating the application, but knowing how public bodies, are spent an update to this software can take many years to come, if they finally do.

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