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Spotify is now available in Japan

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A few hours ago we have informed of the possible purchase of SoundCloud by Spotify, a purchase that it would increase both the catalogue of songs available and the number of subscribers to the Swedish streaming music service. But not is the only news related with the activities of Spotify that have today, since this service of music in streaming just of land in Japan, the second market more large all the world in consumption of music.  Since makes some hours Spotify already is available for any user interested in make use both of the version free as of the version of payment.

Spotify has of offices own in Japan from makes 18 months, period of time that carries negotiating with them different labels for to offer their catalogs in their service of music. The signs Swedish has delayed in landing in the country due to them obstacles that has found with them rights of author and them record, a problem very similar to which found Apple before to offer its service of music in streaming Apple Music.

Despite being the second market more important of the music in all the world, behind United States, them Japanese are more accustomed to buy the music in format physical, a market that moves more than 27 thousand million of dollars annual, by what Spotify and Apple Music, it van to have complicated in the country.

Currently in the country as well as Apple Music, also Line and Rakuten are offering a music streaming service, so competition might be higher than in other countries where we can only find the great: Apple Music and Spotify. The 40 million subscribers of payment of the Swedish firm show us how it is still the King of the market, while Apple Music with 17 million has become the second choice of the users.

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