Wednesday , March 21 2018
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Alcatel PLUS, 2-in-1 device with Windows and features LTE


Alcatel still struggling to gain a foothold in nearly all markets, in fact we find that you have used the Mobile World Congress to introduce devices with very different characteristics and for all users. An example is this tablet-PC which aims to be a good niche in the market more …

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Dell prepares a new 13 inch XPS convertible


Not going to deny that the world of the PC is changing, the desktop seems begin to reduce is only to them users professional and “gaming”, meanwhile, the sales of portable fall and fall each time more in favour of them convertible, speak of those portable that easily is can …

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Jide Remix Pro, a convertible interesting and cheap


It is the era of the convertible, in fact, Intel, which has been to reduce the application of mobile processors we do not say it says it and brutally desktop devices. Fashion now are convertibles, they are not tablets, or PCs, a hybrid between the two. We are finding ourselves …

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