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The S8 Galaxy will have its own S-Pen as an accessory

Samsung Galazy Note 7 Agua

Much we have spoken and we will continue talking about the next flagship that plans to launch the Korean company the next year. When Note 7 was withdrawn from the market, many were experts who claimed that Note 7 range could leave the market, going to integrate with the S8 Galaxy, which would have a version with S-Pen, smart pencil that has accompanied the range Note since its birth. But this rumor was denied by sources related to the company that claimed the range Note will return to the market with force with the Note 8, despite the problems that had brought him to the company in terms of brand image.

Again has returned to exit to the palestra, the possibility of that the Galaxy S8 is compatible with the S-Pen, device that is would sell as accessory and not would have fitted within the device, what can represent a problem for more than one user if the company not idea a system of fastening of the same to the Galaxy S8. In this way Samsung could satisfy all those users of Note, that have been crossed of arms without enjoying the last phablet of the company, by the battery problems experienced.

Of this form, Samsung would kill two birds of a shot, offering the possibility of use them advantages that us offers the S-Pen to a greater number of users, since would be compatible with all the models of the Galaxy S8, in addition to content to them faithful followers of the Note. This movement could also be a way to raise awareness among users who still have not tried it, the excellent operation of the S-Pen and all functions that allow us to perform. At the moment this rumor we add to the long list that is unveiled in the first quarter of the year, when Samsung presents the Galaxy S8 in New York and not in the framework of the MWC in Barcelona.

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