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The service to save articles Readability will close September 30


Users such as you who you like technology, sure that if you like to be informed of any interesting information you have an application that allows us to save items that you find surfing NET, via Twitter… to be able to read them when you have time. Currently in the market can find a Pocket, Instapaper and up to the next 30 of September Readability.

The first who came to the party was Instapaper becoming the application most used by users with this type of requirement. Subsequently became Pocket which has become one of the most widely used thanks to its gratuity as well as its compatibility and functionality with third-party applications.

In third place we find Readability, a similar service, not to say like, Instapaper and Pocket, but that has always been the last row. He has never managed to reach agreements with application developers so that they consider it a choice of their apps to save articles to read later. A pity because according to my Instapaer use, and really just be bought by Pinterest, was the worst of all, by their simpleton despite being one of the most complete design.

According to the developer, all users who make use of this service must begin to look at all your items saved through the configuration options that offers us the Serbian Web, since otherwise, once finished the month of September, all stored information will be deleted from your servers.

At the moment we don’t know if the Readability developer will launch a new service or even though the entire template should look I work in other companies. Waiting to know if finally Pinterest does not charge Instapaper, is currently the only service without future plans that we have for saving documents securely and stable Pocket.

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