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The Surface Phone could tell with a processor El Lake of Intel

Surface Phone

We have long been talking about a rumor that points to that Microsoft could release a smartphone under the name Surface to complement your tablet / Notebook Surface Pro. In many occasions the rumors not usually spend of that, a simple rumor. However on other occasions, the rumors that we tend to offer more real data about a device company company in the same ad. We can see a clear example of what I’m commenting on the presentation of the iPhone 7, where most of the rumors were confirmed the day in which Apple introduced it.

Today we speak of the Surface Phone, a terminal that we are talking about more than one year ago and which in theory are expected for the end of this year or beginning of 2017. On other occasions we have talked about the possibility that this terminal can pass using ARM processors to ones with architecture x 86, which would apparently be sooner rather than later and make cases of rumors claiming that the guys from Redmond would have the intention of Bet El Lake of Intel processor.

This processor would lead the Integrated GPU, and provide us consumption and performance far greater than what we can currently find in mobile telephony. Furthermore this type of processors would make use of desktop applications directly in our smartphone, a function that would give more sense to continuum, allowing us to connect our smartphone to a monitor and keyboard and use it as if it were a PC.

This terminal screen size would be great, between 5.5 and 6 inches with a resolution of 2.560.1.440 pixels. Them cameras of the device also would be an aspect to highlight in the terminal with 21 mpx for the rear and 8 mpx for the front, a resolutions that is out of what usually are implementing them main manufacturers of telephony mobile, where have decided reduce the resolution opting by improve the quality of their sensors.

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