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Viber allows users affected by the restriction of Trump make free calls


Since last weekend, in which an executive order of Trump that prevents any person born in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya came into force entering the country, although it has the green card and residence permit for United States. Many are technology companies, apparently the most affected, who are expressing their unease. An of the companies more affected has been Google, who has seen as 187 of their workers not can return to United States to the have born in one of these seven countries before mentioned. But except complain and cry to heaven, slightly more are making these companies which claim to be the most affected by this new law which will last for 3 months initially, but with the possibility of extension.

Viber, one of the companies of instant messaging that has more success in the Arab countries, and offers many years VoIP service to make calls to fixed or mobile phones in other countries, like Skype, as well as allowing to make calls between users for free. The company just made an announcement in which it stated that due to the recent events in the United States, will allow to make free calls to any landline or mobile number in the United States, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya, so that telephone communication is not one impediment more.

All users reside in one of these countries that have contracted or want to contract a fee or bonus to make calls to these countries, this them will be shown free of charge, so it may make calls while they discount them rate. The company has not specified the limit of minutes daily for this offer, because we are sure that it has a limit, Viber is not a company like Skype who can afford to give calls unlimited. A good gesture by the company, which also wants to take to gain popularity in the United States.

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