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Wire, a new alternative to WhatsApp and Telegram arrives

Privacy in the talks is a matter of real interest for all mobile users. Because of this Facebook is has seen edging to implement encryption of point to in your Messenger, while Telegram is has become in the option more reliable. And now comes Wire, a new app that seeks to compete betting by the safety of their customers.

Developed by a Switzerland company, Wire is shown as a fusion balanced between WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, combining the factors more attractive and secure of the three, to discard those attributes that have been questioned them on more than one occasion.

Wire has support for sending text messages through various platforms, including web browsers for desktops, like Telegram, focuses on encrypting your communications, unlike WhatsApp shares everything with Facebook, which integrates the possibility of video calls just as safe, something it does not have the rest.


Available free of charge for iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and any device that supports a web browser, Wire is discharged through traditional media, but it adds an extra step with a user record, where it is necessary to first create an account before using the corresponding app.

The positive factor of this last is that Wire is no longer necessary to register the phone number to the data base of the PPP, which represents a movement in favor of the privacy of its users.

Wire app has become very popular in Europe and just it is starting, the possibilities to position itself globally are high, but competition is already complicated enough.

The team of writers was very excited at the beginning. But confirmed, with some degree of disappointment, that this application does not have anything to do with our partner @The_Wire.

Download Wire: Android, iOS. Free.

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