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A quadriplegic man has managed to recover the touch thanks to a bionic hand

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Thanks to the enormous progress that the human being is giving virtually all the technological areas are making discoveries and creating solutions that just a few years ago were literally unimaginable or extremely difficult. A test of what say the have in the landmark that just of reach a group of researchers to the get that a male quadriplegic again to feel all what touches thanks to the use of a hand bionics.

The team of researchers responsible for developing this project belong to the Center of the neural basis of cognition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These, after find is and put is to work with Nathan Copeland, a quadriplegic of so only 28 years of age, have got that this again to have the feeling of the touch thanks to the helps of a hand bionics and especially to the installation of different implants brain.

Get that a quadriplegic can return feel all it touches.

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Thanks to the use and implementation in the brains of different sensors, in previous projects already had achieved that patients could move the fingers of prostheses and even to apply different amount of force just thinking about it. Thanks to new development created by this team of researchers, has been that, in addition to the above, the user can even feel he touches.

Is the first time that is achieved that a person paralyzed from neck for down can not only move a hand bionics, but also can feel what this is playing with a precision of the 80%. Without place to doubts a complex work since, as is has communicated in the report that has published the team, besides place implants brain in it bark motor for get movement, is have located in the cortex somatosensory, part of the brain responsible of register the sense of the touch.

More information: New Scientist

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