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According to known designers, the smartphone of the future is a shoehorn

When we fell in love with Xiaomi my Mix, also fell slightly by the person behind its design: Philippe Starck. He, in collaboration with Jerome Olivet, now imagine how will be smartphones in the future. Meet the Alo Phone.


According to the design Dezeer magazine, Olivet describes their concept as:

A device with fully vocal interface, with all the functions of a phone. Read SMS and mail, even allows you to dictate your messages instead of writing them. The Chamber acts as an “eye”. Among other things, it allows the reader to read the texts and identifying the faces you see. Also projects holograms in 3D to see movies or messages.


Perhaps them minds master after this prototype does not know that the phones current make several of those tricks, but in end. Design reminds us of an old telephone, those that we used to have in the home remember? Us neither. On the other hand, we feel great to have a team that also do all what makes our smartphone, serve as a shoe horn for shoes.


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