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Oppo R9 dethrones the iPhone as the best-selling smartphone in China

It is known by many that the Chinese smartphone market offers various models that rarely end up landing on this side of the planet, however, from the year 2012 the Apple iPhone was established as the best-selling terminal of this competitive market, so far, that the Oppo R9 has finally move it, taking the Crown as the most popular.

According to a report by CNBC, during the year 2016 over 17 million units of the Oppo R9, were sold while the 6s iPhone turned out to be the model of Apple best sellers, with just 12 million units.

Everything points to the 7 iPhone was a success in this market, which helped Oppo to grab the first place with 4% of the market share, while Apple could just adapt with less than 2% of the total.

They sound like minimum, however percentages, if he is considered the high degree of fragmentation and the large number of inhabitants in the Chinese market is an important merit achieve these figures that translate into millionaires amounts.

Apple is in a complicated scenario, sales between both companies figures mark an unfavorable tendency, and it is that while Oppo climbed 106 percent sales, Apple fell more than 20%.

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