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Angry Birds Studio presents Hatch, a mobile games via streaming platform

The study carried out by Angry Birds, Rovio, has announced Hatch, a Platform for video streaming for mobile devices, something like the Netflix of games for mobile phones (via VentureBeat).

Hatch offer a collection of well popular titles, including classic arcade and more current titles, which you can play via streaming without download games base or install updates. Like Netflix, the service Hatch will also offer their own creations, titles that can only play on the mobile platform.

Aims to be an application complete, offering games along with functions social, as the possibility of share with friends them screenshots and videos with the gameplay of them titles.


In addition, ensure that all individual games can transform into multiplayer with a “shared mode”. If invite to someone to play the same title at the same time, may play together being each one from your device.

So far, Hatch is working with around 40 developers and publishers, including Bandai Namco, Ubisoft and GungHo Online.

The application will launch in Android in the first half of the 2017 including 100 games to start and the best thing is that it will be free, with a choice of subscription to keep free of advertising.

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