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Are photos of a prototype of the iPhone 8

Through your personal account on Twitter, Benjamin Geskin, one that usually makes renders but occasionally puts his hands to filtered terminals, appears with what the crying would be a prototype of the iPhone that envelope the ten years of the device and it would have been last name 8.

This so-called prototype confirmed almost all the rumors and schemes leaked last week on the new device from Cupertino.

Edge-to-edge screen, change the positioning of cameras, without Touch ID in any visible place (Apple wants at all costs to be below the screen) and the finish would not be “Jetblack”, simply would be glass.

atras iphone 8costado 2 iphone 8costado iphone 8

Is space for the handset, but not for other sensors the screen is interrupted for this piece? According to this wording, it would be unlikely.

The side you can see that it is curved metal, something very similar to what had been seeing on the iPod Touch do other detail? The power button is particularly long. Perhaps Apple has plans for the extrusion.

If it becomes so how aesthetically speaking team?

jetblack iphone 8

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