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Begins #CES2017: what is comes to the first great fair technology of the year?

Start the year with one of the most important weeks for fans of the technology: it’s CES 2017, the world largest consumer electronics fair.

Although in recent years some companies have opted for their own events to make announcements, the big continue visiting the Las Vegas Convention Center to show us his idea of the future.

What can we expect from this event? Then, the five trends that could mark the direction of it industry in 2017.

1. TVs and more televisions


CES is a TV event. Just see them pavilions of companies like LG, Samsung or Sony to have an idea of the money that is invests in these devices. For this edition we hope standard HDR (high dynamic range) that focuses on a better definition and color management. Those televisions is connected to our home smart and with luck will see a new technology in any section hidden of the Pavilion. Resolution 12K or flexible screens would be candidates.

2. china and its attempt of conquest

(cc) Maurizio Pesce / Flickr(cc) Maurizio Pesce / Flickr

China is no stranger to the CES, in fact one of the three main pavilions is full of accessories for cell phone or small Shenzhen companies seeking investors for miracle products. In the major leagues, Xiaomi, Huawei and TCL companies seek to position themselves further in this continent. In the case of Xiaomi, we will see a new device that will be sold globally. Huawei bet yet to announce Matt 9, its new high-end phone. Finally TCL, who has a huge Pavilion of televisions, will show to the world the new BlackBerry, one of the most important manufacturing licenses you have purchased.

3. augmented reality and Virtual reality


While all betting on virtual reality, another similar technology exploded in 2016. Augmented reality was the Centre of attention thanks to Pokémon Go, that game that thousands of Chileans continue to enjoy. CES could show new applications of this technology, as well as devices with a more affordable price to enjoy the virtual reality. Microsoft, Samsung and Google already took a step this way, just lack that the industry adopt this technology fully.

4 car attached

(cc) Steve Jurvetson / Flickr(cc) Steve Jurvetson / Flickr

For a few years now, automakers gather at CES to show the innovations that included in some models. This year the company Faraday Future captures the spotlight with a new electric car that could revolutionize the industry. BMW plans to show a system called HoloActive Touch in which the driver interacts with a hologram to control functions of the car. Others such as Ford and Volkswagen also will be present showing advances in autonomous driving and how our smartphone can connect to the car.

5. the intelligent home


CES also has space for connected appliances and forced rush of the internet of things Internet of Things (IoT), it is very likely that we see more refrigerators or washing machines that promise to solve your life. If we add to this the explosion of artificial intelligence in devices such as Echo Amazon or Google Home – two speakers that control various aspects of your home – we can get an idea of the future that awaits us. No it goes without saying that Qualcomm, the company that will give the main keynote of the event, is investing in the development of chips for IoT.

FayerWayer will be there!

Stay tuned to our sites and our networks this week, since we are in Las Vegas to learn in situ developments which will appear at the event.

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