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Born a new and frustrating game from the creator of Flappy Bird

You will remember the tender 2013 year, marked by the Malay Dong Nguyen and his horrifically frustrating game Flappy Bird. The game was so popular, even years later, that the creator for a long time kept him down for fear that generated him the fame and money.

Then came Swing Copters, a game that did not enjoy the fame of the bird that could just fly. It was not as great as the first, but still even had a sequel.

Now, the beloved and hated by equal character launches a new game: Ninja Spinki Challenges. A collection of minigames very complex (for most people, except for me, obvious) where, with retro aesthetic, decorated in oriental culture, you must avoid giant cats, bullets, throwing shoryukens and relaxing (?) activities within a given period of time.

The game is available on Android and iOS tell us how you will!

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